Video Memoirs

We all wish we knew more about our family history and heritage. By creating a video memoir, you’ll be crafting a family heirloom that can be enjoyed now and passed down for generations. The result, a compelling and memorable video that will connect generations past and present with those yet to come.

It’s surprisingly easy and affordable to create a gift that the whole family will cherish for generations. Our professional video production team will guide you through every step from start to finish – there’s no memorization and no stage-fright. We offer affordable group rates to help you get started. And, we offer customized packages that enable you to do just about anything.

Digitize your personal and family memorabilia

You decide what to include in your video, including:

  • Old photographs
  • Home videos
  • Documents & more
Creating your video memoir may even have therapeutic benefits.
According to the American Psychological Association, reminiscence therapy is “the use of life histories – written, oral or both – to improve psychological well-being.” More recent data indicates that the therapy has positive and even lasting results within the elderly community.

Video Memoir Packages

Video produced to tell your life and family stories. Price varies based on shooting time and video duration.

Classic package plus the inclusion of old photos, home movies, documents and graphics as desired.

Customize to fit your needs. Options include multiple storytellers, shooting on location, memorabilia of any kind and professional narration. You name it.

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Connect Generations: Ensure a life story connection between past, present & future.

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