Betsy Unikel, President, Rainmaker Video

Betsy at20Betsy Headshot

Where I lived @20: New York, NY

What I did @20: Stewardess with United Airlines

What I dreamt of @20: Getting married, having a great family, a house of my own and living happily ever after.

My favorite song @20: “Windy” by The Association

What I wore @20: United Airlines Uniform

Who I loved @20: Greg and Geeg

What made headlines when I was @20:

April 5th – ’76er Wilt Chamberlain sets NBA record of 41 rebounds
1st Boeing 737 rolls out and makes its maiden flight
In the Vietnam War, US planes bombed Haiphong for the 1st time
Beatles sign a contract to stay together for 10 years
Abortion legalized in Colorado
Muhammad Ali refuses induction into the army & is stripped of boxing title
Highest tower in the world finished, 537m (USSR)

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