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Me@20: Our Friend Stephanie Howard


StephanieHoward headshotSH at 20bw

Where I lived @20:

I was still living at home with my parents when I was 20.

What I did @20:

I was a university student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta.

I worked part-time in the library and taught figure skating on weekends.

What I dreamed of @20:

I dreamt of going to Europe for a holiday, finding a […]

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Me@20: Welcome to the Big City


Lori Krause, CEO, Building Bridges Partners

Lori@20Lori Krause Headshot

Where I lived @20:

I moved from a farm in Iowa to live in a condominium in Falls Church, VA. Major culture shock!

What I did @20:

I worked for an Ophthalmologist helping clients with their cataracts and other eye issues. This experience taught me to be very patient with those in need.

At the […]

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Me@20: Fly Me To The Moon


Betsy Unikel, President, Rainmaker Video

Betsy at20Betsy Headshot

Where I lived @20: New York, NY

What I did @20: Stewardess with United Airlines

What I dreamt of @20: Getting married, having a great family, a house of my own and living happily ever after.

My favorite song @20: “Windy” by The Association

What I wore @20: United Airlines Uniform

Who I loved @20: Greg and Geeg

What made headlines when I was @20:

April 5th – ’76er Wilt Chamberlain […]

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Me@20: Origins of an Entrepreneur


Errol Unikel, Principal, Rainmaker Video

Errol@20Errol Headshot 2

Where I lived @20: Chicago, Illinois

What I did @20: Studied engineering at University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

What I dreamt of @20: Having a great career and family, living in a big house

My favorite song @20: “Come Go With Me” by Del Vikings (it’s still one of my top favorites)

What I wore @20: Jeans and striped shirts […]

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